New Video: 2 Chainz, 'Crack' (NSFW)


The question isn't why 2 Chainz should wear a Versace robe -- it's why SHOULDN'T he?

If you've just collaborated with Psy, aka the dude with THE MOST YOUTUBE VIEWS OF ALL TIME, you might wanna consider taking a break for a while -- clearly you're set for life. Maybe even retire or put your act on hiatus, only to return with a few "Farewell" tours or a residency in Las Vegas. But not this "Gangnam Style" remix collaborator: 2 Chainz keeps knocking out the solo work with his brand-new "Crack" video, the latest single off the Atlanta rapper's Grammy-nominated Based on a T.R.U. Story.

Watch 2 Chainz "Crack" video after the jump.

In the Aristotle-directed clip, 2 Chainz spends most of his time wearing a very overpriced Versace robe (don't think we didn't notice that trim!) while two scantily clad, voluptuous babes "tend" to his every need. There's also the requisite "dancing near an expensive whip" scene, which although played out, is always fun to watch. Is "Crack" the most innovative video on the block? Absolutely not, but wouldn't YOU use any excuse to wear a designer robe and have two pairs of boobs in your face beautiful women wait on you if YOU were named the second "Hottest MC In The Game"??? Throw in a Chanel bag (or seven) and it sounds like a RAGER to us!

+ Watch 2 Chainz "Crack" video (NSFW).

Photo credit: Def Jam