Star Spotting: Selena Gomez Is The Cutest Sports Commentator (PHOTO)

Selena Gomez sits courtside at the L.A. Lakers game.

Selena Gomez knows her basketball, ladies and gents!

Selena Gomez has a lot going on right now, what with promoting her brand-new movie "Spring Breakers," in addition to twerking it out in retro swimming suitsdoing dance routines that ARE are NOT about Justin Bieber, and spending some much-needed QT with her grandfather. All that said, you'd think the only celeb allowed to make a duckface would probably have, say, ZERO hours to do anything else. But guess what? She's now officially a sports commentator! Well, she sure as hell looks like one while sitting courtside at yesterday's L.A. Lakers game.

While Sel may have been rocking an interesting farmer-esque plaid vest (perhaps she's still in Terry Richardson mode?), her laid-back look didn't deter her from examining every facet of the game and thinking things like, "Why'd he miss that three-pointer?? BAD FORM!!" and using other basketball-related jargon like "flagrant foul," a word I personally learned about by visiting this site. And yes, we've been trying to avoid photos of Sel sitting courtside because they conjure memories of her canoodling with Justin Bieber, but in a breakup the rule is that neither party has the monopoly on a sports team, so this activity is fair game (PUN!).

Photo credit: Splash News