Haim Murder Harmonies, Share Everything But Their Full-Length Album At The 2013 mtvU Woodies Festival (VIDEO)


Haim's still looking for Prince, while we're still looking for that full-length Haim album.

Este, Alana and Danielle Haim share many things -- parents, clothes, instruments, an intense love of the forgotten MTV show "Spider Games." They've shared a stage with Mumford and Sons and Kesha (not at the same time), they share a love of Prince as well as subconscious knee-jerk reactions to Kanye West references, the adoration of, like, most legit music fans in all of the U.K., and they currently share the title of raddest band on this Haim-forsaken planet (Mumford agrees) with their inimitable, badass blend of '90s-meets-'70s-meets-Boy-Krazy-meets-Grace-Jones-meets-Susannah-Hoffs-meets-Wilson-Phillips-drinking-a-peyote-yerba-milkshake-meets-Nick-Cannon-in-"Drumline" sound. (Trust me, when you watch them go Genghis Khan on the drums while murdering harmonies and making a guitar beg for mercy at the Woodies, you'll agree that that's the most accurate assessment of their eccentric talent, which is akin to a musical Higgs boson, which is to say that they're mysteriously revealing the truth of the existence of musical perfection. And God or something. Crazy, stupid Ryan Gosling-talented.)

But one thing Haim will not share is their full-length album. Yet. And not like I or any other Haim fan is anywhere near the proximity of being over their Forever EP or upcoming Falling EP, but, like, I also can't wait... forever for that full-length, ladies.

+ Watch Haim discuss their upcoming full-length album at the 2013 mtvU Woodie Awards after the jump.

It has to be perfect," Danielle said. "We really are meticulous," Alana explained. (BOO, WRONG ANSWER!) "We're not gonna put out something that we're not 1 million and 5 percent obsessed with, but once it's there you'll be the first to know."

Fine, but in the meantime I'll just be watching their Woodies performances over and over and over again (not creepy, right?) and adding myself playing tambourine into their videos using Final Cut.

Watch Haim discuss their upcoming full-length album at the 2013 mtvU Woodie Awards:

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