Macklemore And Ryan Lewis Talk Wedding Plans, Thrifting (Obviously), And Their Epic 'Can't Hold Us' Video At The 2013 mtvU Woodie Awards (VIDEO)

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis at the 2013 Woodies

Woodie performers and winners Macklemore and Ryan Lewis on the best thrift stores and singing at gay weddings.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis have sold more than 4.5 million singles of their ballin-on-a-budget anthem, "Thrift Shop," which claimed the top chart spot in eight countries (which probably unofficially counts as world domination), played "Saturday Night Live," Letterman, Sasquatch, and, most recently, a packed schedule of SXSW gigs, including one very important one -- a headlining gig performing at the 2013 mtvU Woodie Awards in Austin, where they won Branching Out Woodie. Their summer schedule is quickly filling up with back-to-back festivals. But they still hit pause on poppin' tags on vintage collars and getting you hooked on horns to turn up to the Woodies press tent to talk, well, thrifting, obviously, for starters.

Though they come from Seattle, both Ryan Lewis and Macklemore agreed that Portland's got the best thrift shops. I also schooled them in the fan phenomenon that is the Macklemore thrift shop challenge -- Macklemore fans head to a thrift shop with, of course, $20 in their pocket, find the weirdest/ coolest/ best merch (tiny wicker chair, bigass coat, keyboard that may or may not be functioning, velvet dog paintings, Velco shoes?) $20 can buy and photograph and post the results online.

Watch Macklemore and Ryan Lewis talk about Macklemore's wedding plans, gay marriage, and their "Can't Hold Us" video at the 2013 Woodie Awards after the jump!

What else happened? Oh, just Macklemore's wedding plans. Not to me (unfortunately). Macklemore, who got engaged to his longtime girlfriend earlier this year, is still making wedding plans, which involve separating the A list from the B list (I expect to make the cut and will be checking my mailbox daily for my invite). A destination island wedding may be in the works (and no, they're not planning on getting married in a thrift shop). And speaking of weddings, Macklemore revealed that they have, in fact, received offers to perform at gay weddings in response to their stirring hip-hop gay rights anthem, "Same Love."

And after racking up more than 166,000,000 million video streams of their "Thrift Shop" video, Ryan Lewis and Macklemore aren't looking to capture the lightening-in-a-bottle pop culture zeitgeist takeover (er, heist) that was "Thrift Shop" -- "I don't ever want to think about recreating that -- it's a beast that you can't control," Macklemore said." But they may be breaking another record -- longest video shoot ever: the guys have spent more than 16 days shooting their next video, "Can't Hold Us," which features not one, not two but three directors (including Ryan Lewis himself) and involves Macklemore fans in multiple cities. They wouldn't reveal too much about the video, except to share that it'll be epic (which I just assumed). "It's dark, it's weird, it's twisted, it's demented." And -- let's be honest -- it'll obviously be  f***ing awesome.

+ Watch Macklemore and Ryan Lewis talk about Macklemore's wedding plans, gay marriage, and their "Can't Hold Us" video at the 2013 Woodie Awards:

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