Paramore Talk Fan Love, Friendship Bracelets & Surprise Proposals At The mtvU 2013 Woodie Awards (VIDEO)


Paramore brace themselves for more in-concert proposals with "Still Into You."

Just one sleep after playing their late-night SXSW comeback show at the Warner Sound Captured showcase, Paramore stopped by the 2013 MTVU Woodies Festival to catch me up on performing again and on their upcoming eponymous album. (And yes, Hayley's hair was absolutely everything, but let’s get to the music. This ain't a hair blog.)

"It felt like the first real Paramore show, especially in the States. It was super late at night. We played at 1 a.m., that's like 10 hours past my bedtime," Hayley said.

The release of Paramore is less a month away, and the group isn’t rehashing or reheating old subject matter: "There's a lot of different new territory we’re exploring that I think people aren't gonna expect," Taylor said.

Watch Paramore discuss their new album, their fan love, and surprise proposals at the 2013 Woodie Awards after the jump!

For an act that's sold over 7 million albums, Paramore's as grounded and real as an undiscovered bedroom band that just posted their first homemade video to YouTube. It's like they were somehow born without egos – "We're all just homebodies, we’re all pretty boring," Taylor promised (and I believed him). And it's clear they weren't making a fourth album for anyone but themselves and their fans. They're not focusing on the reviews this next album will attract (though does anyone really expect to see anything but five stars and superlatives?). They're instead, of course, just focused on the fans.

"I wanna see our fans excited about it. We've never been a band to care about critics' opinions," Hayley said. "At the end of the day I wanna go online and see that our fans are listening to it in the car, on their way to work or on their way to school or that this lyric is helping with this situation. That's the stuff that we look for, and that's the reason reason we’re in a band -- we wanna connect with people… We get so many sweet letters — we get a lot of friendship bracelets Jeremy wears them all."

"We have a lot of fans that actually meet each other through fan chats," Hayley told me. "Two different couples got engaged during 'The Only Exception.' I started to cry but I had to cover it up. We played in Honolulu and the guy got down on one knee! It was so amazing."

And for you Paramore fans hoping to put a ring (or friendship bracelet) on it, the new album's got at least one marry-me song to take a knee to: "Still Into You." "It's a sappy love song, and it's easy to sing," according to Jeremy.

"I wanna see one of those flash mob proposals," Hayley added. "So get to work on that."

+ Watch Paramore discuss their new album, their fan love, and surprise proposals at the 2013 Woodie Awards:

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