Why Are Demi Lovato's Hands Panted Black? (PHOTO)


What's going on with the black hands, Demi?

We've been wildly anticipating Demi Lovato's "Heart Attack" video like it's our job (well, technically it is our job) ever since the club banger surfaced a few weeks back. We've been dancing at our desks, waving our walking canes in the air, visiting Topshop a tad too often (well, we kind of do that all the time), stalking Demi's Twitter photos, watching reruns of "Sonny With A Chance," and just generally paying homage to our favorite former Disney star. And speaking of photos, we're currently lost in a state of confusion over this crazy pic of Demi rocking black-dipped hand paint on the "Heart Attack" video set. But you know us: we're just having a ball trying to guess what it represents and why it's happening at all.

Where to begin? There are myriad possibilities for Demi's black glove-hands Anything's possible. Maybe she's trying out a new clay mask spa treatment...on her hands. Maybe she's just gone for a dip in the red sea. Maybe she's channeling Madonna's "Frozen" video. Or she's recently named Björk as her muse. Did she select the Rolling Stones' "Painted Black" in a game of Pictionary? Oh gawd, we don't know -- will you please tell us, Demi? Don't make us wait! Next spa treatment's on us, we swear.

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News