Check Out More Au Naturel Photos From Nicki Minaj’s Elle Magazine Spread!

We are kind of LOVING Nicki Minaj sans makeup.

As you WELL know (since you’ve probably been unable to tear your eyes away from her killer rack), our girl Nicki Minaj isn’t shy about showing off her assets (see: those Lil’ Kim-worthy pasties in French Montana’s “Freaks” video) and/or wearing bejeweled false eyelashes ALL THE TIME. That said, the crew at Elle Magazine gave Nick a top-to-bottom makeunder for her April cover spread, and we are, like, MORE THAN INTO IT. Because Nicki with “just out of the ocean” hair is as good as it gets. (Also, is it weird that we always wonder what Drake thinks about all this?? We’re still rooting for those two to make it official.)

Check out more photos from Nicki’s Elle Magazine spread after the jump.

The magical Elle makeup crew didn’t just get Nicki to pose au naturel. In addition to this AMAZING mock interview (still not over that), Elle conducted a no holds barred, candid chat with Nicki about her childhood, her budding empire, and how it felt to rock out without all the hoopla of makeup/wigs/lashes etc: “I feel that it’s become a part of me. To go in front of the camera, without pink lips or big ol’ crazy lashes — you know, nothing — I felt naked. It was scary! So this photo shoot was a real accomplishment in my eyes.” Nicki also spoke candidly about providing for her family, and how that pertains directly to her work ethic: “I’m thinking of a legacy that I can be proud of and wealth that my grandchildren can use to go to college. So world domination — in terms of providing for my family — is absolutely my goal.” We’re all about that — although we have a hunch that the hunk of dough you’re making while on “American Idol” will get you 3/4 of the way towards that goal!


Photo credit: Elle