Watch Taylor Swift And Ed Sheeran Duet Live On 'Everything Has Changed' (VIDEO)


Taylor and Ed sang a duet on the opening leg of Taylor's "Red" tour!

We've been rooting for Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran to BE AN AMAZING COUPLE ever since our hearts first melted from listening to their two-part harmony on "Lego House." Since then, they've snapped "awww"-worthy selfies, collaborated on the perfectly crafted "Everything Has Changed" (on Tay's monstrously successful Red), and now, Ed and Taylor are singing together on Tay's "Red" tour! Yep, in addition to (presumably) writing thousands of other hit songs on Taylor's tour bus, the two hopped on stage Wednesday night in Omaha, Nebraska to perform "Everything Has Changed" LIVE!

Watch Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran perform "Everything Has Changed" after the jump.

Playing to a shrieking audience, the two lovebirds songbirds shared a podium high above the stage as they traded verses on the gentle acoustic track. Naturally, the audience straight ERUPTED as Tay and Ed sang the chorus in unison: "Cause all I know is we said hello/ And your eyes look like coming home/ All I know is a simple name, everything has changed." So, what does this all mean? Taylor and Ed should BE BOYFRIEND AND GIRLFRIEND?? Yes, we thought so too. Also emergency note to self: "Find British musician boyfriend ASAP."

Watch Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran perform "Everything Has Changed."

Photo credit: Getty Images