Star Spotting: Justin Bieber Snaps A Selfie With A Lucky Belieber (PHOTO)

Justin Bieber poses with a fan.

Justin Bieber snaps a photo with the luckiest Belieber ever!

Even when things are at their worst, Justin Bieber knows it's all about the Beliebers! Because when the going gets tough, JB's peeps BRING HIM BACK TO LIFE! Things haven't been so grand for the Biebs this month -- brace yourselves, folks, because a lot's gone down: In the last few weeks, Justin tooled around London in a creepy gas mask, had the "worst birthday ever," collapsed backstage during a concert at London's O2 Arena, and had an unfortunate scuffle with some paparazzi. To top that off, ex-GF Selena Gomez posted her "Douchebag Dance" on the internet (we'll give you one guess as to who that one's about), JB's hamster Pac died, AND he recently posted a press-fueled rant/inadvertent Lindsay Lohan dis on Instagram (then deleted it.) CAN'T A BRO CATCH A BREAK??

If WE were in Biebs' shoes, we would probably crawl straight into bed and have our mom whip us up a grilled cheese and tomato soup. But Justin's not one to stay down for long, because he's picked himself right up and is currently out Instagramming photos with his most Stan-ed out fans (which in this case is an adorable gal rocking a Justin Bieber-themed hat). Along with the "aww"-worthy fan photo, Justin captioned: "his is what it's all about !!! L.O.V.3." We agree, because when life turns to crap, at least you know that your just-under-36-million Beliebers will ride or die for you! Also, HOW EFFING THRILLED is that girl right now? Immediate upgrade to "most popular girl in school" status like, this very minute. Last thing: way to OWN that sideways braid pony, bb girl! #KillingIt

Photo credit: @JustinBieber