Star Spotting: Beyoncé Pops A Wheelie Like A BAWSE (PHOTO)


Beyoncé does all her own stunts, obvs.

If you're like us, you spend A LOT of your free time wondering what Beyoncé is doing at any given moment (you know, besides working on her world domination techniques). Is she at another Vogue shoot? Is she out delivering packages? Is she spending quality time with the Obamas? Well, today's answer is that Bey is super busy popping wheelies on a motorcycle. Because just isn't a risk taker with her music, she's also down with actual stunt'n... on effing bikes! Apparently na na na diva is also the female version of Evel Knievel.

The "Life Is But A Dream" star shared her daredevil motorcycle trick on Instagram. And while most moms would be all kinds of lame and never even ALLOW US NEAR A MOTORCYCLE (yes, mom, we're talking to you), Blue Ivy's mom is basically using this picture to remind us that, well, she's not most moms (understatement of the year). But for the first time in our adult lives, we're going to play mom for a second and say, BEY! Where is your helmet!? Yes, helmet hair is the worst thing ever, but the Beehive likes their Queen IN ONE PIECE. Now, go out and buy yourself a super expensive couture helmet made of 24-Karat gold or something. You can afford it. (And if you need advice on where to shop for one, get the number of Lady Gaga's golden wheelchair/chariot maker).

Photo credit: @baddiebey

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