New Video: T.I., 'Addresses' (NSFW)

Watch T.I.'s "Addresses" video.

T.I. goes on a crazy crime spree in his latest video, "Addresses."

If you thought Christina Aguilera's pink-hued, glitter-filled crime spree in her "Your Body" video was, how shall we say -- a little bit unsettling, then you might wanna just take another herbal anxiety pill before watching T.I.'s latest crime-riddled video (or short film, as he calls it) for "Addresses."

Watch T.I.'s "Addresses" video after the jump.

The latest single off  T.I.'s Trouble Man: Heavy Is The Head, "Addresses" features the "No Worries (Freestyle)" rapper embarking on a totally scary, totally-too-violent-for-lunchtime revenge-filled crime extravaganza. After a gunman attacks TIP and his family (side note: who would attack a family that voluntarily puts on Cosby sweaters!?), T.I. goes all out trying to avenge his brood (sounds like the start of a Will Smith action/adventure flick to us, but keep doing what you're doing, T.I.). In simpler terms, there are LOTS of scary and unnecessary guns, hence our recommendation to watch this video after drinking a gallon of "Tummy Tamer Tea." Not sure about y'all, but we much prefer to watch T.I. have the best time ever skateboarding in his "Ball" video and/or spit fiery verses about a bittersweet romantic love in his Pink-assisted "Guns And Roses." Give peace a chance, TIP!

Watch T.I.'s "Addresses" video (NSFW).

Photo credit: Grand Hustle