Relive Taylor Swift’s ’22’ Video… With 22 GIFs!!

Oh, look! It’s a new Taylor Swift video! And in keeping with One Direction and Ke$ha’s “Live Like We’re Gonna Die Young” trend, Taylor’s “22” video celebrates the ish out of being just young enough to successfully chest-bump on a trampoline without crashing down in a heap of broken limbs (then she’d REALLY be “lying on the cold, hard ground,” LOL). OK, all bad jokes aside, we were totally memorized by Taylor’s ode to female friendship (those are her real buds in the video!), which is positively stuffed with hair flips, booty-poppin’, cat ears, beach trips, baked goods, pool parties, and most importantly, Taylor’s longstanding inclusion of “hipster” glasses. So, with this abundance of STUFF, of course we had to dedicate a GIF wall to “22”! Relive Taylor Swift’s “22” video below, and remember: never attempt a midair trampoline chest-bump without a spotter.

Check out more Taylor Swift “22” GIFs after the jump!

Photo credit: Republic Records/GIFs by T. Kyle MacMahon of

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