Star Spotting: Ke$ha Goes Bodysurfing In A Floral Headdress Because She's Ke$ha And She Can (PHOTO)

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Oh, just Ke$ha entrusting her life to a bunch of strangers.

We always thought that wearing a floral headdress and body surfing were mutually exclusive activities, because what person is girly enough to pull off wearing a wreath of flowers and FIERCE enough to trust a crowd of strangers with your body as they toss you into a sea of even more strangers? But as it turns out, these things are not mutually exclusive AT ALL. Because per the above photo of Ke$ha successfully body surfing in a floral headdress last night at PURE Nightclub's anniversary party, we can confirm that some people like floral headpieces AND mosh pits... at the same time!

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The 26th Annual Kids' Choice Awards performer was on hand to celebrate PURE Nightclub's anniversary in Las Vegas last night. In addition to partying with the crowd, the "C'Mon" singer took the stage to perform a few of her hits. Truth be told, we're not sure if the Illuminati even approve of mosh pits (maybe we'll find out in her upcoming "Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life" docu-series?), but Ke$ha certainly looked like she was having a ball (and/or treating the crowd like a human ball pit), so we assume she got this event pre-approved by the Illuminati council. All that said, it takes mad chutzpah to crowd surf, let alone do it while wearing a bustier and a floral head wreath. #NailedIt

> on March 12, 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Photo credit: Splash News