New Song: Sean Kingston Featuring Chris Brown And Wiz Khalifa, 'Beat It' (NSFW)


Sean Kingston teams up with Chris Brown and Wiz Khalifa on his brand-new banger, "Beat It."

First off, we have to say that titling your new song "Beat It" takes some SERIOUS balls, because, well, MICHAEL JACKSON. (Other case in point: That time indie favorite Girls called their debut single "Lust For Life," something we're STILL grappling with, because IGGY POP.) That said, Sean Kingston's bass-heavy new jam "Beat It," found on his forthcoming Back 2 Life album, has absolutely nothing to with Michael Jackson's classic -- instead it's a radio-friendly club jam featuring two of Sean's best bros -- Chris Brown and new daddy Wiz Khalifa.

Listen to Sean Kingston's "Beat It" featuring Chris Brown and Wiz Khalifa after the jump.

Produced by Sean Kingston himself, "Beat It" initially has a laid-vibe (could you picture Sean stressing over anything?). But not to worry, club fiends: Chris' slick words push "Beat It" into bona fide banger territory while Wiz's spitfire verse rounds things out and lends the trio even MORE street cred. On his new jam, Sean Kingston tweeted, "Much love to all my fans!! I really worked hard on this song…I love music it's not about fame, material stuff, Nothing it's about my dream!" Sean also commented on how long it's been since he's released any new tunage, explaining, "My new music is me again!!.. Can't wait for my fans to enjoy this run with me!!… been to long.. But had to get certain things right!.. Luv." No problem, it was worth the wait, bb! Although, just for the record, we loved EVERYTHING about "Rum And Raybans."

+ Listen to Sean Kingston's "Beat It" featuring Chris Brown and Wiz Khalifa (NSFW).

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