Yay! Demi Lovato's Walking Without A Cast! (PHOTO)

Demi Lovato's walking without a cast!

Demi Lovato's getting around without a cast!

Demi Lovato's bum leg never stopped her from making new music OR from being a style inspiration (we became obsessed with walking canes after she WERQUED one like a baller post-Brit Awards). That said, we were still SO SADZ to see her limping around. Well, PUH-RAISE MODERN MEDICINE, 'cause Demi's already walking sans cast! Let's pop open some bubbly to celebrate! Actually, Demi had a waaay better idea -- she went shopping! So, in support of Demi's newly freed leg, we're also going shopping! (It's called being a supportive Lovatic, guys.)

The "Heart Attack" singer was snapped strolling without her cast at The Grove mall in Los Angeles. While we're super excited to see BOTH her feet in some couture shoes, we're also loving this very interesting Betty Boop jacket/Daria Morgendorffer-turned-art-student vibe Demi's pulling off. Maybe Demi was so excited to not plan an outfit around her clunky cast that she decided to put on everything all at once? (Insert "Could I be wearing any more clothes" "Friends" reference here.) That, or it's laundry day. Honestly, though, we don't care what Demi wears as long as she brings back the walking cane (just for show, of course). We just ordered a bunch of them 'cause we kinda thought this was gonna be a "thing," and we really don't want to do this trend alone.

Photo credit: Splash News