Nicki Minaj Wore A Whole Lot Of Nothing On The Set Of Her ‘High School’ Video (PHOTOS)

Nicki Minaj TWERKING on the set of her “High School” video.

Last week, we saw a WHOLE LOT of Nicki Minaj when she brought back Lil’ Kim’s VMA pasty look in French Montana’s “Freaks” video. And that’s why we’re not the least bit surprised now to see Nicki RACK OUT and BOOTY EXPOSED in a “bikini” on the set of her “High School” video, her forthcoming collaboration with Lil Wayne and the latest single off Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded – The Re-Up. (BTW, we put “bikini” in quotes because we’re not sure if a bathing suit that tiny would even qualify as a “bikini” — it should probably just be called a “neon-colored Cher body bandage.”)

Check out more photos of Nicki Minaj from the set of “High School” after the jump.

While we can’t be sure what “High School”’s plot will be just yet, it kinda looks like the Benny Boom-directed clip has a LOT to do with being so hot that you’re forced to change into a bikini-esque one-piece so you can comfortably lounge in a jacuzzi (again, does it even count if the “bathing suit” is no wider than a piece of spaghetti?). Or maybe Nicki will play a really enthusiastic water aerobics instructor? Who motivates the class to work harder by flaunting her jaw-dropping body/providing a lunch of only cut up veggies? Actually, that’s probably it! Can’t wait.

Nicki Minaj cozies up to a VERY lucky Lil Wayne.

Photo credit: @GRIZZLEMUSIC