Buzzworthy Obsession: The Virginmarys, 'Just A Ride'

Watch the virginmarys' new video "Just A Ride."

Watch U.K. rockers the Virginmarys howl through their "Just A Ride" video.

The Virginmarys don't need much to rock: just a handful of Marshall stacks and some flashing lights. That's the setup for the band's "Just a Ride" video, which doesn't need color, either, dialing down the saturation to a "Sin City" black-and-white. The U.K. trio brings a refreshingly British take to the modern rock genre (accents!), howling through a track that sounds like the Foo Fighters after a semester abroad and a couple pints of Guinness. But the band no doubt appreciates the classics: "Time was never on my side," singer Ally Dickaty sings, a likely nod to past Brit-rock flag-bearers the Rolling Stones.

Watch The Virginmarys' "Just A Ride" video after the jump.

Recently out with their debut album, King of Conflict (Wind-Up Records), the Virginmarys have earned attention from the BBC and iTunes, which featured twin versions of "Just a Ride" -- electric and acoustic -- in their Single of the Week feature. The Virginmarys also joined Dave Grohl among the hundreds of bands melting faces at last week's SXSW Music Festival, not to mention an upcoming East Coast tour set for April. Bet they'll bring some surprises on the road: Just when you think the band's going prop-free in "Just a Ride," a confetti thunderstorm cracks open. Ride or die below.

+ Watch The Virginmarys' "Just A Ride" video.

Photo credit: Ray Lego