Only Lana Del Rey Could Make Sports Gear Look Glam (PHOTO)


Three cheers for Lana Del Rey's glam take on sports fan-chic!

Normally we're like ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ sports, but we just now realized that what sports was missing and sorely needed was more Lana Del Rey, who demonstrated that you don't have to wear oversize coats with a logo orrr even a giant spongy block of cheese on your head (we're looking at you, Wisconsin) to express your team spirit (whatever that is -- again, sports = not really our thing unless you consider Britney Spears trivia a sport, and we certainly do.) You can show your team spirit by pairing a cute sports logo scarf with a fancy coat and still make a very valid (yet fashionable) point! Now, avid sports fans, PLEASE consider Lana's lesson the next time you and your BFFs think it's a good idea to take your shirt off with "W-I-N" painted on your chests -- pretty please?

The "Burning Desire" singer was snapped sartorially rooting for Liverpool F.C. (that stands for "Football Club," for those of us Stateside) against Tottenham Hotspur while leaving Anfield Stadium in the U.K. (yeah, we didn't quite understand that either). And to top it all off, Lana's team won 3-2, but we think the real winner is Lana and her super-classy sports fan style. Oh, and we're in total awe of Lana's wearing skinny jeans to a sporting event where so much junk food is available, 'cause if that were us, we'd be wearing our "gonna shove our faces with so much nacho cheese" pants. #NoShame

Photo credit: WENN