New Song: Four Tet, 'Suit & Tie (Remix)'

Listen to Four Tet's "Suit & Tie" remix.

Check out Four Tet's sped-up remix of Justin Timberlake's "Suit & Tie."

First off, please oh please tell me you saw Justin Timberlake's OUTSTANDING performance on "Saturday Night Live" last weekend. If you didn't, well, SHAME ON YOU, and please stream that ish immediately if only to see JT's "Mirrors" performance and the "Three Amigos" and "Wild & Crazy Guys" throwback. Once you're done streaming (and pre-ordering The 20/20 Experience, for that matter), please join us in a "Suit & Tie" listening party, starting with indie-electronic master Four Tet's remix.

Listen to Four Tet's "Suit & Tie" remix after the jump.

Where the original starts off slowly with a set of blaring horns, Four Tet's (aka Kieran Hebden) "Suit & Tie" strips things down and leaps right into the song's sweet spot chorus, backed by fast-paced looping snare 'n' bass thumps. Though it's significantly sped up, Justin's "I can't wait til I get you on the floor, good-looking" chorus plays out in full -- no horns (and no Jay-Z, for that matter) necessary. Finally, Four Tet launches into a full-blown remix breakdown, sounding as if someone put the original track into a blender and poured it back out into a pureed, "Suit & Tie"-themed paper-mache mash.

Catch Justin Timberlake's The 20/20 Experience when it drops on March 19.

+ Listen to Four Tet's "Suit & Tie" remix.

Photo credit: Domino Records