'AW' Alert: Selena Gomez Gets An Adorable Smooch From Her Grandpa (PHOTO)

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Selena gets a smooch from her grandpa!

We already knew that "Spring Breakers" star Selena Gomez was a professional actor, singer, retro bathing suit-wearer, Stevie Nicks impersonator, and not-so-secret Hooters fan, but we had NO idea she was such a family girl! That's why we are kvelling up and down over this adorable photo of Sel posing with her grandfather. And by "posing," we mean "getting adorably kissed on the cheek." Um, excuse us a sec, we need to make a quick call to our grandparents to tell them we love them.

Selena took some time off from her busy schedule of looking like a retro bombshell and promoting "Spring Breakers" (out March 22!) to head home for some much-needed family time. And as all good pop stars do, the "Deep-V" appreciator took to Twitter to document some of her favorite moments, like catching up with her "Papa." Sel tweeted, "Deep in the heart of Texas.. I missed my papa!" (Please cue a melodic chorus of "AWWWWs.") Actually, all this "aww"-ing has got us thinking -- is it possible that Selena and Justin are having a "family-off"? You know, a subconscious (or conscious, for that matter) battle of cute family photos? Like, maybe Selena's trying to one-up that pic of Justin in bed with his siblings?? Nahhhh, they wouldn't do that! (...Or would they?)

Photo credit: @SelenaGomez