New Song: The Material, 'Life Vest'

Listen to The Material's "Life Vest."

The Material dive into a hard-rock deep end on "Life Vest."

The Material is a Los Angeles hard rock quartet led by Colleen D'Agosinto, a singer whose towering rock vocals land between Hayley Williams and Evanescence's Amy Lee. The act's latest is "Life Vest," a song that definitely brings the drama: "Hold me close and don't let go!" D'Agostino wails. Like a boss, obviously. The band's upcoming album was produced by Kyle Black, who's worked with Paramore, All Time Low, and others, experience that shows in the 100-foot guitar tones of "Life Vest."

Listen to The Material's "Life Vest" after the jump.

The heavy track opens deceptively with a soft vocal and a very 1998 Sheryl Crow rhythm guitar ("My Favorite Mistake": ETERNAL JAM), leading to a flood of ear-pummeling chords. That's when it ramps up the love story: "With my hand across your chest, you're becoming my life vest," D'Agostino warns, ready to weather the storm. It's too bad the song wasn't written in time to soundtrack "Twilight" -- you're welcome, future Kleenex-worthy vampire movies. Our next great idea: Channing Tatum, Yogurtland server, thaws out Kristen Stewart's cold, cold heart in "Tart." Call us, Hollywood.

The Material's Everything I Want To Say, their fourth independent release, drops April 9.

+ Listen to The Material's "Life Vest."

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