Selena Gomez Channels Stevie Nicks At The Alliance For Children's Rights 21st Annual Dinner (PHOTO)

Selena Gomez is boho-chic at the The Alliance For Children's Rights 21st Annual Dinner.

Selena Gomez takes a night off from being a popstar, to be a hippie.

If we were a pop star like Selena Gomez, we think it would be fun to take a night off from being our gorgeous, fabulous selves, and pretend to be someone else's gorgeous, fabulous self! And that's precisely what Selena did last night at the The Alliance For Children's Rights 21st Annual Dinner when she showed up not as herself, but as Fleetwood Mac singer STEVIE NICKS! And it's not even the '70s Halloween! You've got chutzpah, lady.

Sel hit the red carpet (although this particular blend of shag looks more like "eggplant") to support the Alliance For Children's Rights, which protects the rights of impoverished and abused youth. Truth be told, we're not quite sure if a cutout dress says "support the youth" as much as it says "I'm the gal who sings 'Landslide,'" but obviously, it's the thought that counts. Even if Selena showed up in a bejeweled garbage bag, she should still be lauded for doing her part to bring awareness to the cause! And don't think we don't see those perfectly toned oblique lines peeping through the bare sections of your dress, bb! Wondering if both you AND Austin Mahone are on the Justin Bieber workout regimen? Thinking about it, probably not.

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Photo credit: Getty Images