New Video: Juicy J Featuring Big Sean And Young Jeezy, 'Show Out' (NSFW)

Juicy J, along with Big Sean and Young Jeezy, goes cross-country to party in the video for "Show Out."

Juicy J parties with Big Sean and Young Jeezy for his "Show Out" video.

Juicy J can be at a party at a moment's notice. At least that's what he'd have us believe in his latest video, "Show Out," from his forthcoming album, Stay Trippy. All it takes is one call from the No. 6 "Hottest MC In The Game," Big Sean, and BOOM -- they're on a private jet on their way to the nearest rager. (It's also probably worth mentioning that Sean said there were 400 girls at the club, which is even MORE incentive to gas up the private jet.)

Watch Juicy J featuring Big Sean and Young Jeezy's "Show Out" video after the jump.

After their phone chat, it's wheels up for Juicy while he parties on his plane, ON THE WAY TO A PARTY. (Sigh... rappers.) After he pours up bottles with his flight attendant model chicks, Juicy touches down in Detroit and heads directly to the club to go HAM with Big Sean. Oh GAWD! But barely a second later, Young Jeezy calls from Atlanta saying that he's throwing a party, and Juicy needs to get there ASAP, which of course, he does. Wow, Juicy is in MAJOR demand lately -- next thing we know, Miley Cyrus will call him to "hop off a plane at LAX with a dream and a cardigan." OH WAIT, that already happened. Dude has probably got some killer frequent flyer miles at this point! Think can you break us off a couple, J?

+ Watch Juicy J featuring Big Sean and Young Jeezy's "Show Out" video (NSFW).

Photo credit: Columbia Records

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