New Video: Beach House, 'Wishes'


Ray Wise of "Twin Peaks" guest stars in Beach House's surreal "Wishes" video.

Respect to Beyoncé for her performance at the Super Bowl this year, but this right here is exactly the type of halftime show America needs: The surreal clip for Beach House's Bloom track "Wishes," directed by Eric Wareheim from "Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!" has everything we never knew we wanted in a football game.

Watch Beach House's "Wishes" video after the jump.

Casting Ray Wise of "Twin Peaks" fame is always a good way to start when you're looking to get mad weird. He shows up here singing Victoria Legrand's vocals at the halftime show of a truly bizarre football game. Also on hand to usher the crowd along on their descent into weirdness are twerking, sword-wielding cheerleaders, martial artists in goofy costumes (we're guessing the name of the team here is the Trojan Horses and they're supposed to look like ancient soldiers?), and some truly deadpan acrobats.

According to the band's press statement, Wareheim explains, "Beach House, Ray Wise, fireworks, and horses. How can I go wrong? This is the first project that I've ever collaborated creatively with the band. Victoria's imagery inspired me to create this special halftime show. It also helps that Beach House is literally on my top five list of bands, ever."

It's a blend of frightening and hilarious, which is no surprise coming from Wareheim's twisted mind. Combined with the plaintive, pleading track, it adds up to an unsettling disconnect. It may not look as thrilling and dramatic as Justice's "New Lands" video, the last best sporting event video we've seen, but it's close.

+ Watch Beach House's "Wishes" video.

Photo credit: Sub Pop