French Montana's 'Freaks' Video With Nicki Minaj Is Equal Parts Dancehall And Sideboob (VIDEO) (NSFW)

French Montana and Nicki Minaj rule the Dancehall in their lates clip for "Freaks."

French Montana and Nicki Minaj pose on the set of "Freaks." You can KINDA SEE HER PASTY!

Call us psychic, but we kind of had a feeling that the video for "Freaks" -- a collab by French Montana and Nicki Minaj and the second single off French's forthcoming Excuse My French -- would be, well, ABOUT BOOBS. (The song's cover art is basically a hand-drawn porno chick with a giant badonkadonk bending down in only a thong.) And our suspicions were right -- because while we did our best to "focus on the music," all we could look at in the "Freaks" video was Nicki Minaj's RACK. A rack, we should mention, that is barely covered by star-shaped gold pasties. That's basically just a piece of paper. And when did paper ever do a good job covering boobs? NEVER.

Watch French Montana's "Freaks" video featuring Nicki Minaj after the jump.

As the dancehall-tinged jam rings out in the background (the Rico Love-produced record features a hefty sample from Chaka Demus & Pliers' "Murder She Wrote"), the Eif Rivera-directed video transports us right into the middle of sweaty, daggering-centric (who knew daggering was back, by the way?), "Dirty Dancing Jamaica Nights"-style dance party. As French Montana watches the dancing from his giant chair, the fun really starts when Nicki (and her pasties!) essentially out-dance, out-sexy, and out-everything everyone. Moral of the story? Even 14 years after Lil' Kim's pasty-a-thon at the 1999 VMAs, side-boob (and really, full boob) haven't lost their appeal one bit.

Watch French Montana's "Freaks" video featuring Nicki Minaj.

Photo credit: Nicki Minaj's Facebook.