Star Spotting: Justin Bieber Doesn't Let A Hospital Visit Keep Him From Instagraming His Tightie Whities! (PHOTO)

Justin Bieber poses seductively in his underwear while recuperating after his collapse last night at London's O2 arena.

Justin Bieber WANTS you to see his undies. Don't be fooled, guys.

You guys are probably totally on top of all this since your "Bieber"/"Biebs" Google alert has been going off all night, but poor Justin Bieber collapsed backstage during his concert at London's O2 Arena yesterday. However, the "Right Here" singer rallied and finished the show, and afterwards got right into bed to rest up and recuperate. And guess what? HE INVITED US TO SNUGGLE! Or at least that's what the above photo of Justin and his milli-pack abs, lying down with the top half of his tighty whities exposed, and his hand resting suggestively on his pelvis is telling us! JB is all like: "OH!! My pants are pulled down?? I DIDN'T EVEN NOTICE, GUYS!"

And if you think about it, what better way is there to beg for Selena Gomez to send you a "get well soon" text message let your fans know you're doing better than by taking to Twitter to post a suggestive photo! Because if you've got enough energy for an abs-centric selfie, you're doing just fine, you know? Justin captioned the pic: "Gettin better listening to Janice Joplin." ORLY? So this pose was inspired by Janice? If so, we're sure Janice would have APPRECIATED THIS VERY MUCH! Like, she truly is looking down on this whole situation and feeling honored. Also, not to make jokes about his health (we truly do hope Justin figures out exactly what happened!), but there's gotttttttta be a gas mask joke in here somewhere, amirite? At the very least, someone who is a part of his team should plug that thing up with oxygen the next time Justin decides to rock it in public. Kill two birds with one stone.

Photo credit: @JustinBieber