New Song: She & Him, 'Never Wanted Your Love'

Listen to She & Him's new song "I'm Not Talking To You Anymore."

She & Him make a case for love on their brand-new track.

Sincerity is a lost art. Just ask Zooey Deschanel, who makes a strident case for the stuff on the new She & Him song "Never Wanted Your Love." "I don't know what I'm doing this for. All I know is I'm tired of being clever. Everybody's clever these days," she sings. We know exactly what she means. Is it too much to ask for a bit of honesty? And while we're at it, a bit of little peace, love, and understanding would be nice too. Also, no more war. Also, a friend date with Zooey Deschanel. Is that out of the question?

Listen to She & Him's "Never Wanted Your Love" after the jump.

Sounds like Zooey's emotionally preoccupied in the song, otherwise maybe we'd ask. "I never wanted your love, but I needed it all," she sings, over the swinging, orchestral pop of the track, written and performed with She & Him collaborator M. Ward. It's the first off their upcoming Volume 3, which, as you might have guessed, is their third album. Whoops, wait, were we being clever there? Or just a smartass? What's the difference? No, forget it, none of that matters. Let's focus, like the song, on love. It's in full bloom here, of the old-fashioned, romantic variety, and the musical partner kind. The two, who met on a film project in 2007 and found immediate musical common ground, spent the past year sharing music files back and forth from studio to bedroom to film set to wherever they happened to be at the time. It's a quintessentially contemporary way of making music together, but the results are just as intimate as if they'd been holding hands the whole time.

Listen to She & Him's "Never Wanted Your Love."

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