Video Premiere: Watsky, 'Cardboard Castles'

Watch Watsky's adorable "Cardboard Castes" video and then stream his brand new 'Cardboard Castles' album!

Fangirl-ing over Watsky's "Cardboard Castles" video, big time.

Aside from his fierce rapping skills, our favorite thing about Watsky is his first name: GEORGE. (There's something special about a rapper named "George," amirite? It's like he might as well be wearing a cable-knit sweater and pleated khakis.) "George" kinda sounds like a dad-ish name, doesn't it? Well, while we couldn't envision Watsky as a dad just yet (songs like "Strong As An Oak" and "Moral Of The Story" are a little too profanity-laden for that), Watsky still manages to demonstrate a paternal side in the video for "Cardboard Castles," the title track off his forthcoming album, out March 12. And did we mention that the entire album is available for streaming RIGHT NOW? We know -- Watsky's such a doll (in case you couldn't already tell by HIS FACE!).

Watch Watsky's "Cardboard Castles" video after the jump.

In the video, we're introduced to a young, so-adorable-you-wanna-pinch-his-cheeks little boy who unfortunately gets bullied by some mean kids at school who steal his bike AND his lunch (awww, bb!!!). As the boy goes to pick his lunch up off the floor, an equally cute little girl comes to his aid. All of a sudden, a tot-size love connection sparks, and the two retreat back to the the boy's house where surprise -- he's been building an actual "cardboard castle" in his spare time. Then, the boy "puts a crown on it" (heh) by cutting some custom-made crowns for himself and his queen as they preside over their paper kingdom. Beware, ladies: This video will make you want to raise ALL the children... or just babysit that cousin you haven't seen in forever.

Now on to the actual Cardboard Castles disc, which, as we mentioned above, YOU CAN LISTEN TO RIGHT NOW! Obviously we already have (several times). And while every track is obsession-worthy, we do have a few faves, like "Send In The Sun," which features Watsky's crisp rhymes layered over a chanty, shouty, gospel-tinged track. Then there's "Kill A Hipster," Watsky's trumpet-laden jam discussing why the world should ban the worst pants ever skinny jeans. Curious about Watsky's singing voice? Pay close attention to his track "Sloppy Seconds" to hear the usual rapper flex his totally on-point pipes. As an aside, we just love it when rappers (particularly ones named George!) can sing.

Be on the lookout for Watsky's Cardboard Castles when it drops March 12.

Watch Watsky's "Cardboard Castles" video.

Photo credit: Gaby Esensten

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