Austin Mahone Hung Out With Jasmine Villegas: Cutest Pretend-Couple Ever (PHOTO)

Austin Mahone hung out with pop singer Jasmine Villegas!

Can Austin Mahone and Jasmine Villegas PLEASE date?

The often-hazy landscape of young pop star love suddenly makes sense! After all, the super buff Austin Mahone is being hailed as the next Justin Bieber. And since Justin Bieber used to smooch Jasmine Villegas in his "Baby" video, we're connecting the dots here, and, wait... we've entered the pop star vortex and may need the help of Keanu Reeves to get out.

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Earlier today, the Harlem Shake-loving 16-year-old Instagramed a photo of himself and Jasmine along with the caption "Met the beautiful @JasmineVillegas." And sure, while calling someone beautiful doesn't necessarily mean you wanna play tonsil hockey with them, we wouldn't blame the "Say You're Just A Friend" crooner for having the hots for the 19-year-old "Paint A Smile" chanteuse! I mean, it makes perfect sense -- both singers are hardworking hustlers. And they're both super attractive. Granted, Jasmine is three years older than Austin, but hey, my mom is seven years older than my dad, and they're still lovey-dovey to this day. On the other hand, neither Austin or Jasmine is over 21, so maybe give it a few years. Or don't. We'll support you either way.

Photo credit: Austin Mahone's Instagram