New Video: Tiffany Foxx Featuring Lil' Kim, 'Twisted'

Watch Tiffany Foxx's video for "Twisted" featuring Lil' Kim and a cameo from Miley Cyrus.

Tiffany Foxx, Lil' Kim, and Miley Cyrus throw down in Tiffany's "Twisted" video.

We've all had one of THOSE nights (admit it!). Apparently St. Louis rapper Tiffany Foxx has too -- because she's putting it all out there on front street in her latest clip for "Twisted," from her debut mixtape, Yellow Tape. Featuring her mentor and all-time great rapper Lil' Kim (as well as a cameo from Tiff's new bestie Miley Cyrus), the two MCs attempt to piece together a wild night, but they aren't having much luck. They can't even find their cars. Aaaand cue the obligatory "Dude, Where's My Car?" reference.

Watch Tiffany Foxx featuring Lil' Kim's "Twisted video after the jump.

Newcomer Tiffany may be fresh to the rap game, but clearly she's a party pro. As she spits about last night's debauchery, Miley and Lil' Kim dance in the background amid a SLEW of other party guests. And while Miley isn't drinking in the clip (she ain't legal yet, ya'll), she does add an important piece to the party puzzle: the posse you roll in with. Anyone will tell you that showing up to a soiree with a solid crew is Party 101, and there are none more solid than Miley and Lil' Kim.

By the way, can we just say how happy we are that Miley's got so many new hip-hop friends? It only makes us believe her more when she says that her new album is going to "shut everyone up." And just in case they don't, we're pretty sure Tiffany will shut everyone up for her. Tiffany seems like a friend who's down for life!

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