New Video: New Kids On The Block, '(Remix) I Like The'

NKOTB cleans up and looks sharp in their latest hilarious video, featuring

Artemis Pebdani stars in New Kids On The Block's brand-new video for "(Remix) I Like The."

Allow me to quote New Kids On The Block when I say "I like the new YOU" (well, and the old you, too. Let's be real here). Even though it demonstrates a flagrant disregard for keeping direct objects in a title, we're suddenly very obsessed with NKOTB's new video for "(Remix) I Like The," which features the quintet looking posh (and very V2, I might add) in their best Justin Timberlake/Jay-Z-style suit and ties. One can only hope they'll wear such dashing duds on their upcoming Package Tour (which we're still snarf-laughing and blushing over every time the name comes up) kicking off in May. We like the remix, baby.

Watch New Kids On The Block's "(Remix) I Like The" video after the jump.

The hilarious video, which feels more like a short film dream sequence, opens with a shot of a suburban house party pimped out with pastel decorations, where we meet a seriously bored-looking Artemis Pebdani (who plays, yep, Artemis on "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia"). In her new role as "The Lonely And Awkward Wallflower At The Party," Artemis looks pretty miserable among the wallpaper-wallflower party guests. But hopefully NKOTB will be along to rectify the situation immediately.

As Artemis escapes to the restroom to rock out at the sink, we flash to NKOTB looking very boy band of 2013, hipster-handsome (Donnie's even donning some sweet glasses!) in uniform formal wear. (Not easy for a boy band that's been around since the EARLY 1980s, lest you forget.) Artemis blows back into the party, this time shaking things up with a #YOLO-induced dance routine, interspersed with scenes of her at this NKOTB concert. After taking an impromptu dip, Artemis suddenly emerges from the house pool, writhes around, and throws her hair back and forth in a move that's very Willow Smith meets Tawny Kitaen in a Whitesnake video. Next up? A dance with Donnie, while a child channeling Michael Jackson breaks it down in the background with a rightfully enthused piano player. The video's a much funnier and less serious approach than what we're used to from the men of New Kids, and you'll totally want to drop everything and see it immediately -- if only for Joey McIntyre's continually inspiring head of hair. And, of course, for the LOLs. NKOTB, you TOTALLY blew our minds this time.

Mark your calendars; the kids' new album, 10, drops April 2.

+ Watch New Kids On The Block's "(Remix) I Like The" video, and watch NKOTB discuss shooting the video.

Photo credit: New Kids On The Block