Justin Bieber Wears A Gas Mask In Public Again, And Now It's Starting To Get Terrifying (PHOTO)


Maybe Justin's trying to hide his under-eye bags?

It's not the first time we've seen Justin Bieber wear questionable accessories. Remember those purple diaper pants paired with a studded yellow hat and the other time he really, really needed a belt? And then of course there was the time he dressed up like the Karate Kid for absolutely no reason. That said, none of those things even come CLOSE to the totally whacked out accessory the "Right Here" singer has been favoring recently: A GAS MASK. An apocalyptic-looking, catastrophe-style, hazmat team-esque gas mask.

Check out more photos of Justin Bieber's  gas mask after the jump.

It's not Justin's first time at the gas mask rodeo, either. (OMFG can you imagine if a gas mask rodeo actually existed IRL?) In addition to Justin's gas mask moment captured last night in London, Justin was spotted wearing facial protection just a few weeks back while on a shopping trip. A single gas mask sighting? That could just be a fluke. But twice? In less than a month? Now that's a "thing."

Truth be told, we're not exactly sure why Justin's suddenly all about his gas mask, but instead of going all dark on y'all and saying things like, "Justin Bieber prepares for the end of the world!" and "Justin Bieber refuses to breath the same air as everyone else," we're just going to assume the kid had a few bags under his eyes and didn't feel like getting photographed. Or maybe he had a pimple? Yeah, that's gotta be it: a pimple.


Photo credit: WENN