New Video: Spree Wilson, 'Right One | Wrong Time'


Spree Wilson parties like it's 1995 in his "Right One | Wrong Time" video.

In his new video for the bouncing party track "Right One | Wrong Time," Spree Wilson has a problem that we, and all of our exceptionally attractive Buzzworthy readers, can probably relate to: Too many cuties trying to get up on us at the same time. Man, life is hard sometimes. Especially when you're breezing along to a '90s throwback song reminiscent of Montell Jordan's "This Is How We Do It."

Watch Spree Wilson's "Right One | Wrong Time" video after the jump.

The song, produced by The Flush (Big Boi, Janelle Monae, and more), off of Wilson's upcoming Life In Technicolor EP, certainly makes navigating the perilous romantic waters seem like a blast. "I met the right one at the wrong time/ She don't need love, she got the kind of stuff I like," Wilson croons and rhymes over big dangling, echoing piano chords and skittering percussion, with a subtle, deep bass foundation. The Artemus Jenkins-directed video finds the Nashville-born singer on a simple quest: All he wants is a lighter for his, er, Rihanna cigarettes. He just keeps getting interrupted by a series of ladies, all of whom, he thinks, seem like the right one. Preach!

Watch Spree Wilson's "Right One | Wrong Time" video.

Photo credit: Spree Wilson