Song Premiere: Emii, 'Time To Move On'

Listen to Emii's "Time To Move On."

Emii disconnects from an old flame in "Time To Move On."

It's been a minute since we've heard from Los Angeles popstress Emii. You might recognize the golden-haired goddess from her infectious "Stilettos" dubstep remix, or perhaps you'll recall that time Snoop Dogg made a cameo on her single "Mr. Romeo." (And do NOT tell me that jam doesn't still hold a place on your "getting revved for pilates" playlist.) Now, Emii's back with her latest endeavor, a sugary-sweet, synthed-out pop tune called "Time To Move On."

Listen to Emii's "Time To Move On" after the jump.

Set to a thumping, up-in-da-clurrb-ready dance beat, Emii's booming vocals rise above the noise as she croons about up and leaving some crazy DB who mistreated her: "Don't wanna settle/ For what I don't deserve/ Don't wanna cry any more/ For what I don't deserve/ Don't wanna drown in mistakes that I've made/ I must realize that/It's time to move on." SING IT, SISTER. No need to stick around that kind of ex-boyfriend situation. Plus, when you've got a face like yours, you could totally be dating Brad Pitt's younger doppelganger (if such a person existed). Is Ryan Gosling single? No? Well, in the immortal words of Jay-Z: "On to the next one"!

Listen to Emii's "Time To Move On."

 Photo credit: Slippery Eel Productions