10 Things To Know Now: A$AP Rocky Vents, Taylor Swift Won't Be A Cliché + Nicki Minaj's Perfume

A$AP Rocky wants to be #1, Taylor Swift doesn't want to be a cliche, and Nicki Minaj's new perfume bottle has the cutest little outfit in 10 Things To Know Now..

A$AP Rocky wants to be MTV's "Hottest MC," Taylor Swift fears being cliché, and more!

1.) A$AP Rocky isn't digging his No. 8 spot on MTV's "Hottest MCs in the Game VIII" list. He even called in to L.A.'s Power 106 to vent on how he should have been No. 1. We don't know what to say, Rocky... maybe next year? (MTV News)

2.) Taylor Swift opened up to U.K.'s InStyle magazine to discuss (in great detail) how she refuses to end up like a sad Hollywood cliché, all lonely and depressed. Anyone else hear potential lyrics for another hit in the making? (MTV News)

3.) Check out the ADORBZ little outfits Nicki Minaj designed for her Pink Friday perfume bottle! And yes, this bottle has better style than most real-life humans ever will. (MTV Style)

4.) Today in Justin Timberlake world domination news, the "Mirrors" singer could be a last-minute SXSW addition along with Dave Grohl and Iggy Pop! (SPIN)

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5.) Miley Cyrus has scored a new music manager in Larry Rudolph. Why does that name sound familiar? Because he's the guy responsible for Britney Spears' SUPER successful comeback! This just in: Miley continues to win at everything. (E! News)

6.) One Direction's Louis Tomlinson apologized for forgetting the lyrics to Wheatus' "Teenage Dirtbag" during a recent show in the U.K. And the whole world instantly forgave him because LOOK AT THAT FLAWLESS BOY BAND FACE. (Capital FM)

7.) The Postal Service are featured in this hilarz Funny or Die video that captures Weird Al Yankovic, Moby, members of Blink-182, and more auditioning for the Give Up group. SPOILER ALERT: Weird Al auditions with an accordion because, duh. (Pitchfork)

8.) Check out Ke$ha's leaked "Woohoo" track that catches the beard lover rapping and singing over a sample of Blur's "Song 2." (PopCrush)

9.) Did you see Selena Gomez's latest '60s look? Here's even more GORG shots from a recent music video! We're pretty sure all these photos are dedicated to her ex, Justin Bieber. (BuzzFeed)

10.) Check out Demi Lovato giving her best style tips. Unfortunately, there's no mention on how to properly rock a walking cane, but we're not giving up on that trend quite yet. (MTV Style)

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