New Song: Eve Featuring Gabe Saporta, 'Make It Out This Town'

Listen to Eve's "Make It Out Of This Town."

Listen to Eve's empowering new jam, "Make It Out This Town."

Don't get us wrong -- we're definitely into Eve's comeback single and video, "She Bad Bad." That said, Eve's latest endeavor, the Gabe Saporta-assisted "Make It Out This Town," is TOTALLY PERFECT and, dare we say it, "Let Me Blow Ya Mind" and "Tambourine"-caliber good. If you guys weren't excited for Eve's upcoming Lip Lock album, slated to drop May 14, now YOU SHOULD BE.

Listen to Eve's "Make It Out This Town" featuring Gabe Saporta after the jump.

Co-written by Claude Kelly and featuring vocals by the Cobra Starship frontman, "Make It Out Of This Town" has perfect crossover appeal with its expertly crafted sugary-sweet melody rooted in Top 40 pop, while the verse leaves ample room for Eve to spit her fire: "Wanna know when it's your second, your minute, your time/ Sick of dreaming/ Wanna lay the pictures in your mind/ Never been like all the others/ You're one of a kind."

On top of all that, this record is a jam with a purpose! "Make It Out This Town" originally premiered last month as part of Big Brothers Big Sisters' National Mentoring Month conference in Washington, D.C. About her decision to debut her song at the conference, Eve explained: "I wanted to share the positive place I have come into. I went through obstacles to get my music and message out and nothing embodies this more than this song, which also mirrors my recent honor and connection that comes with my role as an ambassador for Big Brothers Big Sisters. The song is dedicated to them." Way to support your cause, Eve! Also, we totally needed a good "you can beat the odds" pep talk today, so thanks!

Listen to Eve's "Make It Out This Town" featuring Gabe Saporta.

Photo credit: Blondie Rockwell Inc