Video Premiere: Joey Bada$$, 'Unorthodox'

Joey Bada$$ gets rotoscoped in his latest animated clip for "Unorthodox".

Joey Bada$$ gets the animated treatment in his latest clip for "Unorthodox."

Rappers like Brooklyn's Joey Bada$$ are in the business of painting what writers call "word pictures." He's not just deft at turning a phrase and killing the delivery, but he's also especially good at constructing graphic and vivid tales via his lyrics -- he gets you right in there. Now, in his video for the DJ Premier-produced "Unorthodox," a free single from Green Label Sound, Joey's words are literally brought to life.

Watch Joey Bada$$' "Unorthodox" video after the jump.

In the lush and colorful clip, the MTV Artist To Watch and Premier are covered in art and strange hues via rotoscoping, while animation illustrates the rapper's lyrics. Joey's verbose lyrical style makes for great visual storytelling, lucky for us, as his words spring to life around him.

The Pro Era member has been on a tear lately with last month's video for "Underground Airplay," featuring Big K.R.I.T. and Smoke DZA and his collabo "Wendy N Becky" with Chance The Rapper. Plus, he'll be performing on the 2013 Woodies stage next week. OK, Joey, we knew you were going to be something to watch this year, but now you're just OVERDOING it. Well, we guess if "Unorthodox" represents one piece of art for you, all of 2013 is shaping up to be your masterpiece.

+ Watch Joey Bada$$' "Unorthodox" video.

Photo credit: Green Label Sound