Star Spotting: Beyoncé Is UPS' Hottest New Driver! (PHOTO)

Beyonce becomes a UPS driver in the latest photo she uploaded to Instagram.

If Beyoncé showed up to our door with a package, we would LOSE OUR MINDS.

We're convinced that no one works harder than Beyoncé, because she is clearly NEVER satisfied. Shut down the Super Bowl with your mind-blowing halftime show? Release your documentary "Life Is But A Dream" to record ratings? Make a bajillion dollars off of your Pepsi deal? Nah, she's still gonna pick up a side gig as a UPS driver, y'know, just 'cause she can. Between everything she does, Bey is basically pop culture's own economy stimulus package, no? No wonder she's so tight with President Obama! And no wonder the stock market is going through the roof!

The "Dance For You" singer snapped the working photo on Instagram, and it got us thinking: What would actually happen if Beyoncé delivered a package to our doorstep? It would probably be the most welcome and attractive package delivery of all time, probably topping the UPS guy in "Legally Blonde." We would just start shopping online for things we didn't need, like, every single day (which may or may not already happen). She would mention how we've been getting a lot of packages lately and we'd be all "Oh really, huh, hadn't noticed. Weird. See you tomorrow!" All right, maybe our plan needs some refining, but HOW COULD YOU NOT FREAK when the most perfect woman alive is pulling up to your house in a door-less truck?!

Photo credit: @baddiebey