New Video: 3OH!3, 'Back To Life'

3oh3 back to life video

3OH!3 rescue fish from the grocery store in their "Back To Life" video. Because WHY NOT?

We haven't heard from 3OH!3 since the party-prone bros took us behind the scenes of recording their song "Youngblood." That is, of course, until now, because the boys are back with their brand-new single and video, "Back To Life," which is slated to appear on their forthcoming Omens disc, dropping July 18. And did we mention the video takes place in a supermarket? That the boys have commandeered? True story.

 Watch 3OH!3'S "Back To Life" video after the jump.

In their brand-new clip, the boys spend an afternoon terrorizing their local supermarket. And by "terrorizing," we mean "rescuing" the fresh lobster and shrimp at the fish counter. Don't tell us you've never thought about doing that. (We personally would have gone straight for the full-fat mint-chocolate chip ice cream, but different strokes, you know?) After a run-in with a giant deli counter worker, the boys make a narrow escape, fresh fish in tow, and head straight to the beach. Just when you think they're about to enjoy a romantic picnic (their situation really could go one of two ways), the boys dump the fish back in the ocean! SUCH a noble act, but unfortunately, the fish kinda already died en route. It's SUPER sad, but we totally support the message! And it's definitely a funnier and more subtle approach to promoting a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle than say, Morrissey forbidding Staples Center from serving meat, right?

Watch 3OH!3'S "Back To Life" video.

Photo credit: Atlantic Records