New Song: Psy Featuring 2 Chainz And Tyga, 'Gangnam Style' Remix

Psy teams up with 2 Chainz and Tyga for the official "Gangnam Style" Remix produced by Diplo..

Psy remixed "Gangnam Style," and you KNOW 2 Chainz wouldn't miss that for the world.

Have you ever heard of "Gangnam Style"? It's a song by Korean artist Psy. OK, so we're guessing you've maybe heard it, as it's literally THE MOST VIEWED YOUTUBE VIDEO OF ALL TIME. (Uh, yeah, it currently clocks in at 1 billion views.) So, if you're Psy, and you've created THE MOST viewed YouTube video of all time, how do you even begin to top it? Well, Psy's managed to wring a few last drops out of last summer's horsey dance craze with a brand-new "Gangnam Style" remix, PLUS a Remix Style EP! Good move! The only question now is, who to recruit for said remix? How about the dude who appeared on nearly 100 singles last year? The one and only 2 Chainz! Oh, and for good measure, let's invite "Rack City"'s Tyga as well. Now THIS is something we're ready for.

Listen to Psy featuring 2 Chainz and Tyga's "Gangnam Style" remix after the jump.

Produced by mastermind DJ Diplo, "Gangnam Style"'s familiar beat is chopped and spliced into something entirely new, with 2 Chainz and Tyga doing most of the rapping. "Mind right, money right/ Enjoy yourself tonight/ I lost my phone/ and I'm bout to lose my voice tonight," 2 Chainz predicts over the schizoid recut of the monster 2012 hit. While PSY chimes in with a "Heeey, sexy lady," 2 Chainz adds, "If you're sexy and you know it/ Clap your hands and drink some Moet!" While we don't know if this rendition will have quite the MONUMENTAL impact of the original "Gangnam Style," it's definitely still a fun track. It would be SO easy to make a misstep after a hit like "Gangnam Style," so all things considered, Psy is probably feeling pretty safe in his remix cocoon right now. Now on to the next viral challenge: making a music video!

+ Listen to Psy featuring 2 Chainz and Tyga's "Gangnam Style" remix.

Photo credit: Republic Records