Watch Austin Mahone Do The 'Harlem Shake' AND A Monkey Dance! (VIDEO)

Austin Mahone Harlem Shake

Oh, just Austin Mahone NAILING the "Harlem Shake."

We didn't think Austin Mahone had much time for anything besides working on his massive biceps and recording acoustic versions of "Say You're Just A Friend." But apparently the famous multi-tasker took a few minutes out from working on his fitness to squeeze in some time to perfect and NAIL his "Harlem Shake" technique. And of course by "Harlem Shake," we mean the Baauer-spurred dance craze that's currently taking the world, internet, and Diddy by storm.

Watch Austin Mahone do the "Harlem Shake" after the jump.

The "Say Somethin" crooner and his crew dropped it like it was hot while playing to 62,000 fans at RodeoHouson. And not to sound gross or whatever, but Austin reeeeeeally shook those hips, which we've deduced is the true secret to "Harlem Shake" success. We should also point out that Austin enhanced his "Harlem Shake" with an adorable monkey dance (see above photo), which we thought was JUST the right touch. Way to stay on top of the trends, bb! Good thing Austin didn't do the "Shake" in his speed racing jacket (or shirtless, for that matter), as Mahomies worldwide might've spontaneously combusted from the subsequent "SQUEE"-ing.

Watch Austin Mahone do the "Harlem Shake."

Photo credit: Austin Mahone's YouTube