New Video: Rick Ross, 'Ashamed' (NSFW)

Rick Ross poses with a baby leopard cub while in his video for "Ashamed."

Rick Ross comes out as a cat person in his "Ashamed" video.

We know Rick Ross is, as they say, a TOTAL BALLER. When you're on a song titled "Millions" and your Instagram name is "RichForever," spending without looking at the price tag is par for the course. After all, dude is bawse of the untouchable Maybach Music Group -- of course his bank account is out of control. And while his intimidating wealth is on full display in the video for "Ashamed" (off God Forgives, I Don't), we also see a whole new side to Rozay: He's a cat person!

Watch Rick Ross' "Ashamed" video after the jump.

The clip opens to a lavish mansion (probably one of Rick's many properties) where Rozay is draped in a fur coat (ironic, given whats coming next). He might be wearing fur, but heck if the bawse doesn't love his pet ocelot, which he's stroking lovingly as he rhymes about how unbelievably wealthy he is (see the line: "I can still count a mil without a money machine"). There's also an obligatory half-naked model in the background, but Rick's wildcat takes center stage (sigh, cat people). See, guys? A LOT of people have fame and money, but not a lot of people own exotic, adorable animals. Rick Ross has officially joined the elite club of wildcat ownership (other members include Michael Jackson, Mike Tyson, and Ke$ha). Quick tip though, Rozay: Do NOT feed those cats cinnamon, and do NOT be shy about posting to Instagram!

+ Watch Rick Ross' "Ashamed" video (NSFW).

Photo credit: @RichForever