Selena Gomez Trades In 'Spring Breakers' String Bikinis For '60s Retro Glam Everything (PHOTOS)

Selena Gomez goes '60s retro glam.

VA-VA-VOOM! Selena Gomez kills it in a retro glam '60s one-piece.

At this point, you're probably used to seeing "Spring Breakers" (out March 22) actress Selena Gomez in all sorts of stringy bikinis (see: the latest "Spring Breakers" movie poster, the "Spring Breakers" trailer, etc). We've also seen the singer's bodacious bod-ay on many a "Spring Breakers" red carpet (please see: that amazing Taylor Swift-esque "Deep-V" blazer). But what we are NOT used to seeing is Selena Gomez all dolled up in retro glam '60s inspired one-pieces! Translation: NOT string bikinis! And before you get all "Aw, but I LIKE string-bikini Selena," just repeat the following: "Less is more" and "I love vintage bathing suits."

Check out more retro glam photos of Selena Gomez after the jump.

Snapped shooting an upcoming music video (!!!), the "Love You Like A Love Song" singer strutted around set rocking a series of '60s glam bathing suits, dresses, and pantsuits. And some GIANT hair. (Not to get all girly on you, Selena, but please give us volumizing tips, stat.) We can't exactly tell what the video is about, or even what song it's for (Selena's mentioned that her album's songs "have been decided," but that's all the deets we have), but that's OK with us because we are LOVING this brunette Bridget Bardot thing she's doing. Not that we don't adore her age-appropriate heart-shaped sunglasses and sparkly blue minidresses, but it's SUCH an excellent change of pace to see Selena looking like she stepped straight out of the pages of Vogue, as opposed to, well... Teen Vogue. #Upgrade.



Photo credit: Pacific Coast News