New Video: Kat Dahlia, 'Gangsta'

Watch Kat Dahlia's "Gangsta" video.

Kat Dahlia returns to Miami in her "Gangsta" video.

We've been fangirl-ing out to Miami native Kat Dahlia ever since she was like, "You say you a gangsta, but that don't impress me much." (Ditto! #NoScrubs!) Now, Kat's back with a brand-new video for "Gangsta," and as you might imagine, it's filled to the brim with fierce smizing, rapping, and jealousy-inducing outfits that kinda make us wanna toss out everything in our wardrobe and start again. (Side note: We're about one juice cleanse away from rocking a crop top!)

Watch Kat Dahlia's "Gangsta" video after the jump.

Shot in her hometown, "Gangsta" reflects the hardships Kat faced while growing up in Miami. Juxtaposed between scenes of Kat in a dark, damp bedroom are vignettes of Kat in happier times, sitting on the side of an expensive vintage whip as she reflects on her life so far (we'd argue things are definitely looking up). On her decision to shoot in Miami, Kat explained, "It was really important for me to shoot this video in Miami because this is my hometown. I think that the richness and the culture, the colors, the story, it just felt right." We couldn't agree more. Plus, there's no better way to silence childhood haterz than by filming an expensive music video right in front of them, amirite? It's like, hell no, you can't be an extra! You were mean to me in third grade and wouldn't let me join your after-school "Pretty Pretty Princess" appreciation club. Whoops, sorry -- we're clearly projecting our own childhood traumas.

+ Watch Kat Dahlia's "Gangsta" video.

Photo credit: Vested In Culture/Epic Records