New Video: Frank Turner, 'Recovery'

Frank Turner is on the road to "Recovery" in his latest clip.

Frank Turner takes the road to "Recovery" in his brand-new video.

It's been a massive year for English troubadour Frank Turner, whose folks songs for the modern age, like the strident "I Still Believe" from 2011's England Keep My Bones, set the blueprint for a new sincerity in punk-hued acoustic strum-and-shout folk (think: Phillip Phillips or Ed Sheeran, but with more of a growl). From a sold-out Wembley Stadium show (which is a lot of people) to a performance at the 2012 Olympic Games, he's become a household name in the U.K., but has yet to make a splash in the States. His emotionally open new video, "Recovery," from his upcoming fifth LP, Tape Deck Heart, should be a good place to start rectifying that.

Watch Frank Turner's "Recovery" video after the jump.

Naturally, when you gain that rock star status, all sorts of temptations come with it, which Turner digs into on "Recovery." "Blacking in and out in a strange flat in East London/ Somebody I don't really know just gave me something to help settle me down/ And to stop me from always thinking about you," he sings over a few hesitant acoustic strums.

The recovery in question here is working on two levels, of course -- a tale of overdoing it in terms of parties and illicit activities, as well as the end of a relationship. Turner bounces back and forth between both themes in his verbose style. The video takes on a visual theme as well, with the screen being split into panels, sometimes breaking Turner into three different parts, or contrasting him with dancing party people, or imagery both playful and dark. It's a bit like being on the mend from a breakup (or breakdown), being torn in multiple directions at once. But luckily, toward the song's rousing climax, building to a jaunty anthemic bounce, he ends with a note of optimism: "Darling sweet lover, won't you help me to recover. One day this will all be over." See, we can always find our way back.

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