New Song: Hey Champ, 'Comet'


Get ready for the weekend with Hey Champ's shimmering new electro track, "Comet."

After touring with Lupe Fiasco and opening for names like Vampire Weekend and Kid Cudi, Chicago's Hey Champ have been relatively quiet since releasing 2011's Anything At All EP. But now, the electro-house-pop outfit is slowly making its way back, first with "Cliché," a new track released in January, and now, with a shimmering dance anthem called "Comet."

Listen to Hey Champ's "Comet" after the jump.

Featuring guest vocals from Chicago jazz and pop singer BeuKes, "Comet" is a delightful dark-meets-light dance single that would be a welcome addition to any DJ's playlist -- in a number of clubs. Incorporating house, indie, and electronic elements, "Comet" sounds like a sped-up version of Air's "Kelly Watch The Stars," or conversely, a slightly more chilled-out Goldfrapp (circa 2010's pop album Head First). "Comet" and its predecessor "Cliché" might be stand-alone tracks (womp womp), but heck if they don't portend exciting things to come from Hey Champ's upcoming (still untitled) EP, to be released later in 2013. Check out the track below and download "Comet" for all future dance parties, too-long subway rides, and gym trips.

+ Listen to Hey Champ's "Comet."

Photo credit: Hey Champ