Weird News Alert: Justin Bieber's Dad Got Him A Real Bat Mobile For His Birthday! (VIDEO)

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Justin Bieber can be an IRL Batman now!

It's true: Justin Bieber is a 19-year-old with everything he could ever want (see: the MONEY PANTS!!). And we totally understand that if you're his parents, buying him birthday and Christmas presents must get more difficult with each passing year. But what's one thing the "Right Here" singer does NOT have? Oh, just a totally tricked out, customized BAT BIKE!! We didn't think anything could top our birthday gift to Justin, because who wouldn't want a handy-dandy 19th birthday GIF wall? But you can't ride a GIF wall down the highway while pretending to be Batman, now can you?

Check out Justin Bieber's "Bat Bike" after the jump.

Instead of, say, putting a giant bow on the bike like they do in car commercials, Justin's dad filmed a totally weird thoughtful video outlining the bike's unique, Justin-centric customization. For one thing, Justin's new whip has references to his 35 million Twitter followers on the dashboard (what would be even COOLER is if the bike literally kept track of Justin's Twitter followers in real time... right next to the odometer). JB's hockey jersey number is also emblazoned on the bike's dial, along with Justin's crown tattoo and some Batman wings printed on the seat. After Bieber's dad finishes describing the bike, Justin's adorable siblings (you know, the ones he likes to cuddle with) make a quick cameo to wish Justin a happy birthday! Well, strange as it is, the video/bike is a thoughtful prezzie (we're assuming he doesn't already own one, but if anyone already owned a customized Bat Bike, it'd probably be Bieber), and we wish Justin many successful nights of acting as Gotham's protector.

+ Check out Justin Bieber's "Bat Bike."

Photo credit: Jeremy Bieber's YouTube.