Star Spotting: Rihanna Flies Her Private Jet With A Hand Down Her Pants Because She's Rihanna And She Can (PHOTO)

Rihanna lives it up on a private plane in a picture she posted in Instagram.

Rihanna: Zero effs to give about loving her private jet!

Rihanna REALLY loves to fly private. Then again, wouldn't you? Because even after taking at LEAST 10 PJ rides a week for six years (that's an approximation, but we must be close), we're still not convinced that eating unlimited amounts of expensive cheese and caviar more than 30,000 feet in the air would ever get old. And what's even better than stuffing your face with (quality) plane snacks and watching endless episodes of on-demand "Arrested Development" on a private jet? Doing all of the above with your oversized pants unbuttoned. And it's all perfectly OK and acceptable because you're Rihanna and that just makes you more "relatable." (Don't tell me you haven't pulled the same pose in the comfort of your private...TV room.)

Reclining on a private jet seat that is probably 10 times more cozy than any plane "cushion" you've ever experienced, Rihanna and her assistant were snapped having a ball while traveling the friendly skies. Rihanna captioned, "#trappin on da pj." Admittedly, we're still a little hazy on the true meaning of the word "trappin," but by the look of it, we conclude that it means Rihanna is BEYOND wealthy and knows she's about to make even MORE BREAD from the launch of her River Island collection. Or it could signify something about being an utterly fierce chick with a hand down her pants. We'll accept either definition.

Photo credit: Rihanna's Instagram