Star Spotting: Austin Mahone Looks Crazy Buff, Is Clearly On A 'Justin Bieber Workout' Regimen (PHOTO)

Austin Mahone looks ripped posing as a security guard!

Austin Mahone shows us exactly what a tough heartthrob should look like.

Is it us or does Austin Mahone look like he's getting more ripped by the week? It's like he's doing some rare fitness routine (probably a workout craze that only celebrities know about). Orrr maybe he's on a special Justin Bieber bicep regimen! Can everyone just imagine if Austin and Justin did a fitness DVD series collabo together? Watching the two of them sweat it out would SO get our heart rates pumping... and would finally give us a good reason to get rid of our Tae Bo VHS tapes.

The "Say You're Just A Friend" singer shared his tough guy photo on Instagram along with the caption "I actually work security now." LOL, Austin, we're pretty sure you can't be your own security guard, because you're supposed to be SUPER busy working on new songs in the studio, AND (most importantly) we just can't risk your flawless face getting hurt while defending yourself from a gazillion fans. But don't think we haven't noticed Austin's new testosterone-friendly look: First he's a speed racer, now a bouncer... what's next? We're guessing gladiator. Annnd, we're just gonna let all you Mahomies think about that for a while.

Photo credit: @austinmahone