Video Premiere: holychild, 'Best Friends'

Watch holychild turn an empty house into a glitter-filled party in their "Best Friends" video.

Hitting up clubs is so 2012. For their "Best Friends" video, Los Angeles duo holychild perform outside an abandoned home in Bombay Beach, California, rocking out without fear of noise violations or available electrical outlets. The band chills with biker kids and aging, mustache-loving beach bros, throwing their own demolition derby in the empty house. By the time they're done tearing it up, gold glitter's exploding from the air like a Ke$ha concert. Shout-out to the band's sassy dance moves.

Watch holychild's "Best Friends" video after the jump.

The indie anthem, the group's lead single, definitely lives up to their proclaimed "experimental pop" sound. "We can't be boxed in," goes the pounding chorus, and the band's not kidding. The DJ-warped instrumental opening and twinkling verses sound like a secret Santigold track, while the all-in guitars-and-keyboards chorus high-fives Tegan and Sara before crumpling into an unexpected near-dubstep transition. Throughout, the track is bright, bouncy, and full of more feelings than an ABC Family drama, the perfect song to dance/cry/dance to for hours the night before graduation. The band will make plenty of new friends this week: Their debut EP, Tribes, drops March 18.

+ Watch holychild's "Best Friends" video.

Photo credit: Bret Leinen